Structural Design And Consultancy

Service We Offer

Presence of a structural engineer in any type of building construction will help the building constructions in many ways.

We analysis and design all type of buildings considering the necessary parameters required for the design criteria and thus do the detailed drawings for supporting working environment. So that the building contractors and even the bar benders can understand our detailing and execute properly. By this design the placement of the steel is proper where required and thus avoiding unnecessary over reinforcement or dangerous under reinforcement.

The responsibility of a structural engineer is to design a building considering all parameters that risk the building and making it more soundness and economy “that we do”.

 We have well renowned structural designers capable of calculating the exact loads in the structure and designing it. The structural design not only showcases the load bearing capacity of the structure but also the life of the structure. The details and size of the column, footings, beam, slab will be designed as per the standard design regulations.