About Us


We, New Millenium Construction Company initiated our activities in the year 1994 with responsibilities for construction of different types of buildings and structures. Periodically we experience a lot by constructing more commercial and industrial buildings and we become expert in those structures. We are successfully completing our entire project with in the stipulated time frame. Highly trained professionals of our company monitors and maintain the quality as per the standard specifications. We use optimum quality material in construction process to ensure its durability. We care our site and labours and engineers by implementing proper safety management system. We use our own vehicles for the delivery of materials to ensure proper quantity, quality and delivery.


We did the structural consultancy for the Tsunami projects from the year 2005 up to the year 2008, for the International Organizations Architecture and Development (France), Actionaid International (UK). We had experience with disaster resistant structural consultancy in the Himalayan region in the year 2015-2016 with the guidance of IIT Roorkee. We are experienced in structural analysis and design of multistoried building and thus prepare neat and easily understandable structural drawings for our clients.


When I Complete my Bachelor of Civil Engineering in 1988, and came to practice rare people approached Civil Engineers and they simply go to local masons for their constructions. They do only by thump rule and their own experience. They simply draw something or even go by without any drawings also.
But after that, they understand, Mandatory approvals of their houses or other buildings by the local body. Also all financial institutions, require proper approved plan for their customers loan approval
By getting our Registered engineers licence we can be able to get their plan approved at nominal cost.